Diálogo musical

About us:

La Barraca has been active since 2003 as a booking agency for Flamenco and for World Music in

Over the years we have also developed our own original productions. We mainly focus on MUSICAL DIALOGUES. …Hence this website.

Musical dialogues between Western and Eastern music, but also between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean South. We emphasize the many similarities between cultures and bridge the gap between past and present.
There are many similarities, especially with regard to music from many different cultures and countries.
We are strongly convinced that we should be at the center of society with culture.
The desire for connection between people and cultures has never been more topical. That is why dialogue and cultural cross-fertilization are so important!

The role of producer has also made us more known and visible in the cultural landscape. Over the years we have been at countless leading international festivals and concert halls with our productions.

In the meantime, BOZAR in Brussels has been calling on us for many years for the elaboration and the
programming of their BRUSELAS FLAMENCO Festival. An event with which they are now
get about 6000 spectators annually.
The intercultural center De Centrale & concert hall de Handelsbeurs now also wish to collaborate with La Barraca for the start-up of a full-fledged Flamenco festival in Ghent, Belgium.

We have now used the experience we have gained over the years and the inspiration that we have been able to draw from all those successful national and international festivals, to develop and present even more relevant productions.
We wish you many diálogos musicales!