ANTÍFONA is a musical dialogue between Indian and Spanish culture. A poetic, religious cross-pollination of the highest level. Two exceptional women’s voices,
from India and Andalusia, encounter each other in this centuries-old antiphon
for the Virgin Mary. Madhu Lalbahardoersing is one of the new kids on the block
in classical Indian vocal music, while Maria Marín embodies the earthy
flamenco of Utrera, a city of the province of Seville. Together they start from
their common ground, music, singing a simple melody from the third century,
entitled sub tuum praesidium. They engage in a dialogue, each staying true to
their own genre, blending their voices to create a contemporary sound in a
tribute to womanhood.

“Artista invitada” or Special Guest is Flamenco dancer Irene Álvarez, an
established name within the genre


Alexander Gavilan : flamencoguitar / CV download / Personal website

Irene Álvarez : dance / Personal website

Maria Marín : vocals / Personal website

Madhu Lalbahadoersing : vocals

Ruven Ruppik : percussion, soundscape / Personal website

Flamenco guitarist Alexander Gavilán combines an orthodox technique with
modern, mostly personal compositions. His playing is intense and virtuoso. Alexander Gavilán studied Flamenco guitar at Codarts Rotterdam with Paco Peña. Since 2005, he has combined his concerts with an appointment as a Flamenco guitar teacher at Codarts Rotterdam. He has performed in: Philharmonie Krakow Poland, BRUSELAS FLAMENCO Festival, the Flamenco Festivals of Düsseldorf and Freiburg Germany, Concertgebouw Amsterdam, IMA Paris,Festival of Music of the 21st century in Evora Portugal, Guitar Festival Balatonfüred Hungary and Festival Iberica Czech Republic.

Born in Triana, Seville (1975) flamenco
dancer Irene Álvarez began her training at the age of 9 under the direction of the famous Maestra Matilde Coral, as well as the Real Conservatorio de Danza de Sevilla. In addition to obtaining her diploma in Classical Spanish Dance and Flamenco, Irene has continue to complement and improve her training, studying and working with
well-known maestros of flamenco such as; El Güito, Manolo Marin, Javier Latorre, José Galván, Pilar Ogalla, Angel Atienza, Manuel Betanzos and Isabel Bayón.She acted as assistant to maestra Isabel Bayon in the Flamenco Festival Jerez in the years 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018 and currently combines her love to the stage with her job as guest teacher and choreographer for the
flamenco department at Codarts,