…The musical dialogue par excellence!

Passionate violinist Wouter Vandenabeele surrounds himself with a variety of musicians to show the richness of fusion, to let the unity resound in the multitude and to dream of a world in which no one has to flee while making music.


Wouter Vandenabeele : violin and artistic director
Osama Abdulrasol (Iraq): qanun
Tarek Al Sayed (Aleppo, Syria): old
François Taillefer : percussion
Carmen Fernandez : Flamenco singer
Katerina Douka: Rebetiko singer
Alexander Gavilan : flamenco guitar

Bringing Flamenco together with “Greek” Rebetiko and Eastern music… makes sense.

The three genres each have an oriental influence. They share the same basic rhythm, which makes it easy for them to make music together.

The three genres also have a refugee story in their origin:

The Greek Rebetiko has her own exodus.
It arose when a Greek minority was forced to migrate to Greece from Asia Minor. Musical instruments and Oriental sounds from Smyrna and Constantinople migrated along. Homesickness and cross-pollination took care of the rest.

The Flamenco is a legacy of the gypsy people who left Rajasthan centuries ago. The gitanos who settled in Spain mixed their cultural heritage with Spanish and Moorish traditions.

And then of course there are the current affairs from Syria and Iraq.
Music also travels from there to here with the flow of refugees.

When the world burns, people flee, both yesterday and today.
Refugees are of all times and all continents.
Stories and music always travel with them.

In Diálogo, refugee stories flow together in a new musical dialogue.