When the world is on fire, people flee both yesterday and today. Refugees are of all times and all continents. Stories and music always travel with them. In this production Exodus, refugee stories converge in music and dance.  In this occasion, Greek Rebetiko, Spanish Flamenco and music from Aleppo and Baghdad merge into each other.

The Greek Rebetiko has known its own exodus. This occured when a Greek minority was forced to migrate to Greece from Asia Minor. Musical instruments and oriental sounds from Smyrna and Constantinople migrated along. Homesickness and cross-pollination took care of the rest. Flamenco is a legacy of the gypsy people who left Rajasthan in India centuries ago. The gitanos who settled in Spain mixed their cultural heritage with Christian and Moorish traditions.And then of course there is the actual catastrophy in Syria and Iraq. With the refugee flow, music also travels from there to here.

So there are countless similarities and conventions are also abundant in music from the countries concerned.

Both FLAMENCO and REBETIKO have a lot of Eastern influences. In this special production this flows naturally with the music from Syria & Iraq.
EXODUS is not only a musical-, but also a social dialogue. All genres of music and countries have a refugee history as a common factor. Driven violinist Wouter Vandenabeele surrounds himself with a variety of musicians and a great flamenco dancer to show the richness of the fusion, to let the unity resonate in the multitude and to dream of a world in which no one has to flee while making music and dancing.


Wouter Vandenabeele: violin and artistic director
Osama Abdulrasol (Iraq): qanun
Tarek Al Sayed (Aleppo, Syria): oud
François Taillefer: percussion
Carmen Fernandez: flamenco singing
Inés de Inés: flamenco dance
Alexander Gavilán: flamenco guitar
Frans De Clercq (Rebetiko): vocals and bouzouki
Michel Karakatsanis (Rebetiko): vocals and bouzouki
Karsten de Vilder (Rebetiko): vocals and guitar
Dimi Dumortier (Rebetiko): vocals and percussion

Wouter Vandenabeele

is a Belgian violinist, composer and arranger. He founded the world orchestra Olla Vogala, which under his leadership conquered a unique place in the music scene. As the artistic leader of the groups Transpiradansa !, GFVP and Liqa, he once again tells his own story where he never excludes encounters with other cultures and genres. Other notable projects he completed include the prestigious Hadzidakis project (opener of the 2004 Athens Olympics).

Inés de Inés

Flamenco dancer, also known as Inés de Inés, born in Huércal de Almería on January 10, 1997.
She comes from a gypsy family where Flamenco is ubiquitous. In addition, she followed an academic dance course and graduated from the Conservatory of Malaga. Inés started performing in the Flamencopeñas of the Almería region, but soon found her way to important stages at home and abroad.
She danced in various international productions in France, Belgium and the Netherlands.
Inés de Inés has a very impulsive dance style and she has an impressive sense of rhythm (Compás). Her dance reflects a personality with an extraordinary energy and dedication.