© Eva Faché

A grand, ambitious production by a dancer/soloist/protagonist + dance ensemble (cuerpo de baile) + musicians.


The flamenco of the 19th century has left hardly any written testimonies.
Newspaper articles, paintings and a number of scores by classical guitarists, it doesn't go much further.
All other information is lore, melodies and stories passed on by word of mouth.

Traces, as it were, that can give clues about what has been and that resound like an echo in time.

In the accompanying video you can see how, in the atmospheric setting of an ancient abbey, dancer Irene Álvarez and guitarist Alexander Gavilán explore these traces together with a splendid cast of international (flamenco) artists and make their own, contemporary story of it.

© Eva Faché

Irene Álvarez - dancer/artistic director

Dance ensemble
Claire Nguyen
Gretel Selusi Vanderdoodt
Anja Manthey
Angela van de Wiel
Elena La Grulla
Alexander Gavilán - guitar
Arturo Ramon - guitar
Maria Marín - vocals
Esteban Murillo - vocals
Pablo Rodriguez - violin
Robbe Kieckens - percussion
Liesbet Vermeiren – double bass


Shalan Alhamw

© Eva Faché

Born in Triana, Seville (1975) flamenco dancer Irene Álvarez began her training at the age of 9 under the guidance of the renowned Maestra Matilde Coral, as well as the Real Conservatorio de Danza de Sevilla.

In addition to obtaining her diploma in Classical Spanish Dance and Flamenco, Irene has continued to complement and improve her training, studying and working with well-known maestros of flamenco such as; El Güito, Manolo Marin, Javier Latorre, José Galván, Pilar Ogalla, Angel Atienza, Manuel Betanzos and Isabel Bayón.

She acted as assistant to maestra Isabel Bayon in the Flamenco Festival Jerez in the years 2009, 2010, 2012 and currently combines her love for the stage with her job as a guest teacher and choreographer for the flamenco department at Codarts, Rotterdam.