Ezequiel Benítez


Established value Ezequiel Benítez is an orthodox and innovative artist at the same time. This, given the creation of lyrics and the personal imprint he gives to his interpretations, make him a very original Flamenco singer. 

His flamenco creations and ideas are unmistakably marked, yet they also characterize the traditional style of Jerez de la Frontera, where he was born in 1979, in a neighborhood as flamenco as Barrio Santiago. 

He has participated in various kinds of festivals, including the Espárrago Rock in Jerez or La Mar de Musicas in Alicante. 

Ezequiel Benítez has shared the stage with the greatest such as Juan Valderrama, La Paquera, Chocolate, Enrique Morente, Lagartija Nick, Amaral and many more artists. 

He also has a remarkable creative ability that makes him a composer of great songs, ballads and themes of different varieties... where great voices from the Spanish panorama make his songs sound, like Malú, India Martínez, Niño de Elche, Radio Macandé, María Espinosa, Alejandra Rodríguez, Alex Ortiz, the Spirit of the Horse, Onda Jerez TV and radio, Canal Sur,.. 

Ezequiel Benitez is the Flamenco Singer you want to see!


Ezequiel Benitez: vocals 

Maria Fernandez: dance 

Paco Leon: guitar 

Angeles de Benitez and Naim Real: palmas 

Ezequiel Benitez is a typical Flamenco phenomenon from the Barrio Santiago of Jerez. 

Barrio Santiago is the legendary neighborhood in Jerez where the Arte Flamenco has been passed on for centuries, generation to generation. 

Terremoto was from there, La Piriñica, Sordera, Tio Jose de Paula, and now Jose Merce, Moraito, Vicente Soto and (literally) dozens of others. 

Ezequiel Benitez grew up in this inspiring environment. His environment is Flamenco and he himself is involved with the Arte 24 hours a day. 

Ezequiel Benitez couldn't have had a better source. At the age of 20, he was already one of the greatest young prospects in the Flamenco world. 

His Cante bears witness to an inspiration and a knowledge that can only be imparted by someone who has fully immersed himself in the basics and mysteries of Cante Flamenco.  
As a result, he is also a complete cantaor who, faithful to the sources where he comes from, serves the best Flamenco. 

The class, the intensity, the expression…everything is so typical Jerez, so typical Barrio Santiago. 

Ezequiel's talent lends itself best to the Cante Jondo. Anyone who has seen him on stage, will quickly become convinced that the magical duende is not the privilege or exclusivity of the older generation.