Full recording of the concert by Jesús Méndez on Belgian National Radio

"I have seen the cante alive. Firm. Uncorrupted. Virgin. For the centuries.

I saw Jesús Méndez, blood of La Paquera, opening his mouth in an agony that was heard in the common graves of the border gypsies ..."


Jesús Méndez is the quintessential standard-bearer of Cante Flamenco from the proud Andalusian city of Jerez de la Frontera.

In the film “Flamenco, Flamenco” by Carlos Saura he already had the honor of taking charge of the closing sequence… por Bulerías… along with Luis El Zambo and his friends from Jerez.

The presenters at festivals in Andalusia invariably announce Jesús Méndez as “the living proof that Flamenco singing has a future”.

His aunt, La Paquera de Jerez, was already a living flamenco legend. Her nephew is on his way to keep up with her.

© Paco Lobato

In international concerts he performs in the company of:

Manuel Valencia (guitar)
Fernando Jiménez (dance and palmas)
Diego Montoya (palmas)

He was born into one of the most important Flamenco-sagas that Jerez has produced, the Méndez family, whose flagship was the aforementioned La Paquera de Jerez.

His career began at the age of seventeen, at which point he decided to get on stage to try his luck. Since his debut, in 2002, at the D. Antonio Chacón de Jerez Cultural Association, the young Jerez-born cantaor has worked with artists such as Moraíto Chico, El Güito, Rocío Molina, Alejandro Granados, María del Mar Moreno and Carmen Cortés, among others ...

A staunch defender of the songs of La Plazuela and identified with Bulería and Soleá, his artistic growth has been remarkable in recent years.
Guitarist Gerardo Núñez, his main supporter in his early career , has had a lot to do with this plot. With the great guitarist, Jesús Méndez has traveled the entire world, from Asia to Europe through Africa and America, that is, from New York to Beijing or from Antwerp to Chicago.

In any case, the professional life of the Jerez-born artist also goes hand in hand with names like Moraíto Chico, with whom he has shared the bill on various stages.